Generations To Come



I wanna get in a fight

I wanna duck and dodge

and weave and bob

and poke and jab

and scream and holla

till this burning desire to rid all the world

of past transgressions

has subsided in me…




Everyone so sensitive


round the world

with our fingers to our mouths

in silent whispers

of which way to offend softly

least the world

come crashing down

and our fears

all run a muck…


I was hopeful

that I may find

some remnant of peace of mind

once I resurfaced

from death unkind

but deaths’ toll

continued to climb…


So many gone now



loved ones or otherwise

it’s a wonder

we did survive

some of us who sat to wander

and walk

on the edge of time

no longer

do we think of ourselves

but of generations to come

what we leave behind….


A Wonderful World…

of the past, present and future….


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