As She Sleeps

Walking through my avenues

My reasoning reconciling

To what my love

Have devoted in time…



Upon a beautiful flower

I surrender


As she sleeps

As I walk

I sit

I look


Upon my twilight…


Each moment

Each heartbeat

Curvaceous vines

I wondered

What would make

A beautiful flower sleep…


Gently the winds blows

She rolls to her side

Where the coldness of time

Has not brought the sun


Her roots, have taken granted

That spring would come early

Year, after year…


Old seeds

Now turned strange

Strangling her

In the fields where she lives

Choking, her life

Yet upon her vines…


What forces

This, sadness of madness


Do she sleep…


Such a beautiful flower

So eager

To pluck her vines

That want

To pick her

Yet, none the wiser

To pluck this flower

So rare in beauty

Surely, be defined

Redefining minds

This transformation

In time…


Her memories are defined

Her expression, of why she loved

Traditions of strength

Roots of courage

The gift of life

Her soul and spirit

Redefine time

An unknown disruption


Of her force

The very life she lives

The very breath

She breathes…


Yet upon her petals

But one kiss

Born of my days

For the plucking

Of beautiful flowers

From loves garden

Has come

And gone…


Yet, one day

Which never, I shall forget

I did stand witness to

Such beautiful flowers

Growing asleep

In this garden of love

Is where I sleep

Is where we lay

As she sleeps…



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